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Here's some of the fine organizations associated with Madrigal Electromotive  - US

Saul Goodman's Law Firm offers a full line of services for all your legal needs Mr. Goodman is full service which includes using the resources of Madrigal Electromotive.  For additional information, click here.


Real Estate for sale or lease

Constantly delivering the best chicken in the Southwest, Los Pollos Hermanos  uses only the freshest and the finest ingredients adhering to  the old family recipe. Based in New Mexico.    Operating on the principles set down by the chain founder, Gus Fring, we continue   to prosper and serve our customer base with a purely superior product.



Dr. Barry Goodman, DO has full service medical clinics in Mexico and New Mexico.  Acute medical management  including laceration repair, whiplash management, bullet and knife injuries all treated with the discretion and expertise you deserve.  Workers Compensation Claims, disability work ups,  along with other legal/medical situations calls for the close working relationship between Dr. Barry Goodman, DO and Saul Goodman, esq.  (above) to put the force of medicine and the law at your side.  Portable on-site medical facilities are available for rapid world-wide response.

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Real Estate Holdings:  Madrigal Electromotive has multiple Real Estate Holdings, Click here for samplings of some various holdings.

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Vamonos Pest Control




Mineral Production:  Using our expertise in Crystology we are able to produce in our laboratories crystals of superior purity in large volumes.  Click Here for Details.

Industrial Products:  As a US Subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive we act as the distributor of high end products for HEPA Air Filtration Systems, Steam Cleaning, Advance Chemical Processing Systems and Crystal Forming Dehydrators


Due to the unique nature and high security of our Industrial products, we do not post detailed information on these products on-line.  Please contact our US representative to review your needs.  We maintain strict confidence in all dealings with these products. 



Madrigal Electromotive supports the "Save Walter White" Charity.  Click here for additional information.


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