Crystals and Minerals 

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 We're the Crystal and Mineral Synthesis  Experts


Our Crystalogists are working on a special batch of Blue Crystal.  Using superior knowledge, and more important, technique, no expense is spared in preparing a product never seen before.    
Not wanting to go out to the corner "store" to buy your Blue Crystal?  Madrigale Electromotive is considering selling this fine product, direct to your door.  If interested drop an e-mail and we'll put you on our waiting list.  Price?  Only $11.95 ppd for 1/4 pound of the finest Blue Crystal you've ever experienced.

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 Legal Note:  Our attorney, Saul Goodman, esq, advised us to say the following:  This product is not for human consumption, despite it's high nutritional value and delicious taste.  It should not be touch, looked at for long periods of time, smelled, snorted, injected, rubbed, suppositoried, or even sent down a garbage disposal or into an open trash container which may find it's way to a public dump.  Use proper toxic chemical techniques when handling at all time.  It's strongly recommend that it's never removed from the high tech "zip lock" bag in which it is shipped via the US Mail.  Much like underwear from K-mart, this product may not be returned.  Reference: MI-MB042266-GER