Madrigal Electromotive


Some Sample Real Estate Holdings of Madrigal Electromotive




Lodging Industry

Supporting the short and long term lodging needs of the area.





Lavanderia Brillantetm

Commercial Laundry

Supporting our community with entry level jobs along with superb ecologically sound commercial laundry service.  No job is to large which allows us to serve customers across several states Efficient service, extremely accurate record keeping in  all phases of  laundering products from hospital linen to critical high value processes, think Lavanderia Brillante.

Despite the recent fire, we continue to serve our customers during the rebuild!


Rental Property




Vacant Lots Ready for enhanced business development.



Executive Office Space for High Value Business



Locations to support the Automobile Industry




Our World Famous Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurants. 
Using old fashion cooking by highly trained experts we serve our
favorite customers in several Southwestern States.



We support anti-drug efforts.













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