Dr. Barry Goodman,  DO

Albuquerque's top Concierge Physician

For all your acute and chronic medical needs.


When the need arises for discrete and personal service, trust Dr. Goodman to deliver superior medical care, every time.    Worker's Compensation Claims?  Dr. Goodman works with the patient to establish the all important cause and affect relationship  which is so important to your long term disability claim.

It's not just physical injury.  After witnessing any traumatic accident, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can cause erratic behavior and makes for an unstable work environment.  Dr. Goodman's entire team fights for the patient against unfair work demands.

An accidental injury may need quiet management without the visibility and lack of privacy such as in  an emergency department or family doctor's office.  Perhaps an accidental hunting accident to the hand? or perhaps as simple as a severe ear laceration?  Dr. Goodman knows how to perform his duties with the discretion required in such delicate situations.  Patient confidentiality is Priority ONE!  Dr. Goodman can bring the emergency department to the patient.  No irrelevant  questions.  No need to gather unimportant details.   "Take care of the Patient and Fix the Problem"  that's our motto. 


What about long term care?  There's the need for chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, general malaise and other long term illnesses that require proper treatment.  With enough medications to get the job done is a prerequisite for 5 star care.     Dr. Goodman doesn't ration these vital medications to satisfy government bureaucrats.  The patient receives all that is necessary to get the job done.


Addiction can be treated by Dr. Goodman's proven methods.    Dr. Goodman offers full detoxifications and rehabilitation services with the same care and understanding as all his services.  It makes no difference how or why you find yourself with an greater then normal need for chemical or even gambling addictions.  Dr. Goodman's multi-step program solves the problem so you can quickly get back to businesses.   Dr. Goodman can supply all court required documentation to show progress and success in our programs.  Don't be badgered by these impulsese to the point of self destruction.




Dr. Goodman, besides his large medical practice, also manages Madrigal Electromotive's Real Estate and other investments in parts of the  Southwest United States.   "Making Money Work for Society and Humanity, While Delivering Outstanding Returns to Investors."



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